A unique software system enabling international advertisers to track their worldwide media and marketing activities, as well as their competitors' media investments, brand awareness, creative executions and sales.

Tracking global media and marketing activity

Key benefits

info³:track gives you the complete picture

info³:track fills gaps left by traditional marketing services, to provide you with a complete panorama. For the first time, via an attractive and easy to use interface, you can view your competitors' media activity alongside your own: how much they are spending, what their ads are saying, how much awareness they are creating, and what sales they are generating.

info³:track transforms scattered data into meaningful information

info³:track gathers, filters and cleanses data from disparate national sources and centralizes it in a discrete data warehouse. Previously scattered data is interrogated via a custom-built web interface and transformed into coherent on-line information.

info³:track avoids double-input

info³:track contains custom-built bridges to fast-track data directly from your source to our proprietary data warehouse, transforming it, en route, into a readable format.

info³:track protects you from data overload

The system is completely scalable, enabling you to collect just the information you need.

info³:track lets you view information in the way that suits you

info³:track presents your media and marketing information through a clear, concise and easy to use website, designed to meet your precise requirements. info³:track can be configured to store your favourite reports, graphs, flowcharts and update them whenever needed. info³:track will even deliver these reports to you through a customizable email alert service.

info³:track lets you interrogate and activate your information

With info³:track you can authorize media and marketing plans online, thus creating a permanent audit trail. info³:track also enables you to monitor planned activity against booked and current commitments, to facilitate ongoing adjustments to your plans.

info³:track rationalizes information gathering

Many commercial decisions are based on information that has taken a 'bottom up' route through the personnel strata of an organization. This journey can be chaotic, time-consuming and sporadic, and will often produce a fragmented or distorted picture. info³:track rationalizes the process, collecting updates efficiently and at regular intervals, so that the information is available even before it's needed.

info³:track meets the needs of different advertisers...

info³:track is highly valuable to a single country business as well as being indispensable to global organizations. It allows users to track and align company objectives vertically, up and down the organization and horizontally across countries and regions.

...and different executives

Your info³:track website is customized for each executive level in the company. Senior executives need access to big-picture decision support information. info³:track keeps them instantly in touch with Key Performance Indicators. Meanwhile managers and team-members will short-cut through the information hierarchy to the real-time market updates they require for operational and tactical decision making.

Any user will be able to steer the navigator to the required level of information - through the organization / product levels (region, country, category, brand, variant), and through information categories (media spend, creative executions, awareness data, sales volume etc.



Info³ in new sales push

Media management software specialist info³ in new sales push hiring Marc Bernardi


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"Every project info³ has undertaken has been delivered on time and within budget."

Trevor Fletcher, OECD