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In a fast moving world information is key if you are to track your plans and budgets from around the world. The concentration of consumer touch points into fewer groups means you need to know exactly where and how much of your marketing and media budget is being spent. The marketplace is now so dynamic you need to know immediately when new opportunities, new ways of dealing, new means of reaching your consumer arise.

info³ provide you with the media and marketing information you need to track your budgets, monitor and approve your media plans and help you take your real time decisions.


provides multi-national advertisers with a unique service for monitoring their media and marketing activity worldwide.


is an application that enables the creation, management and sharing of media and marketing plans.

✔ Plans entered via an Excel like interface into a structured database
✔ Many versions of a plan can be created, managed, deleted.
✔ As much or as little information as required is entered.
✔ Links can be created to cost as well as performance databases
✔ Budget, planned and actual can be compared at any moment
✔ Real time plans automatically available via the Cloud.


is a cloud based reporting system that enables international marketers to monitor their media and marketing activity from around the world.

✔ Plans entered via info³plan instantly available via the Cloud
✔ Timelines &Flowcharts Maps, Graphs, Reports and Pivots.
✔ Track budgets by country, brand or category
✔ Online plan approval
✔ Audit trail
✔ Track planning and buying performance

Launched in 2002, info³ is an IT company specialising in big data and operating in the area of international media and marketing.

✔We offer a tailor made service to multinational corporations which enables them to monitor their media and marketing activity worldwide.
✔We also offer data consultancy, ad hoc development and outsourcing.
✔info³ is a wholly independent international company headquartered in Paris, with offices in New York, London and Montreal.
✔info³ has been awarded Microsoft Certified Partner status – an endorsement of the professionalism and technical expertise of our workforce.

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